"Gerry Anderson Props is proud to be a member of the Movie Props Association"

What is the MPA?

It is a group of dealers and collectors of original props and wardrobe items used in the production of Movies and TV shows who adhere to certain values and standards in the items that are sold and the manner we deal with our customers. MPA members are always monitored to ensure that we continue to operate within the policies and goals of the MPA.

What ARE those policies and goals?

Well put simply, the MPA believes in always dealing in an ethical manner. If someone wants to buy a prop or costume from their favourite movie, or used by their favourite star, they want to feel confident that the item REALLY is as described. Buying from an MPA member is all about knowing that the item is backed up by a guarantee that the item IS genuine.


1. We are here to help. If you are looking for an item that an MPA member does not have listed, or if you have any other question about props or wardrobe, we will try to help. If we know someone who has the item you are looking for we will tell you. If we don't know the answer to a question right away we will do our best to find an answer for you. Collecting should be fun and we should be able to help each other out!

2. We have zero tolerance for people who misrepresent items as being the "real thing" when they are merely replicas. This type of practice is not only fraudulent and immoral but only harms the hobby. Without some degree of trust the whole hobby falls apart.

3. We do not condone the trade of stolen props since this is also detrimental to collecting. No one wants to buy something and proudly display it only to have a studio reclaim it as stolen property!

4. If we know of dealers or collectors who have cheated people in any way we will make sure that we warn others about it since we all have to protect each other in this hobby.

Guarantees of authenticity

All sales are final so please ensure that you satisfy yourself about any and all queries you have BEFORE buying. However, IF at ANY TIME during the life-time of the prop or wardrobe item it is questioned on its authenticity, the seller will use all the resources and know-how of the MPA to investigate the authenticity of the item. If it is proven by an independent expert (e.g. a reputable auction house such as Christies, Sotheby's, Butterfields or similar) that the item "was not made for the movie" then the seller will offer a refund of the full price or an exchange for another if available. This is the client's sole remedy of claim. IF it is proven to be real then you the client must pay for ALL charges. The seller will not be responsible for any charges involving that investigation.

Joining the MPA

If you are interested in joining the MPA you should preferably already be known to at least one of the existing members. We will want to talk to dealers or collectors who have dealt with you and can vouch for your reputation. Email contact: join@moviepropsassociation.org

The MPA Board

Dave Farthing - Founder & Director

Stephen Elder - Founder & Director

For more information please click here to visit the Movie Props Association website

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